Wednesday, September 5, 2018

See through

Grabbed this shot while sitting alongside the Carnival Horizon, Carnival's newest ship. Just thought it made an interesting composition with the folks on the Lido deck around the pool and the one woman on the deck above at the railing.

I continue to be impressed with the Fuji X100S and the telephoto adapter lens. I call it my faux Leica and 50mm Summicron. Maybe at some point of enlargement a Leica camera with the 50mm Summicron is better but for the size I print the Fuji does well at up to 12"x18".
BUT I sometimes feel the need for another focal length. So I am looking for a second X100S body to add my wide angle adapter lens to and have a 28mm field of view.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...

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