Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Shameless self-promotion

The local arts center recently offered wall space to artists to rent for a week during the month of May.  Since I have had very little luck getting any local businesses or other organizations to show any interest in my work, I decided to rent one 19' wall. I still had some mats, frames and glass from when I hung some of my jazz photos in a local gallery in Florida and decided to use them for this.
In trying to determine what photos to exhibit, I initially thought of just showing the jazz photos that were still matted. Then I realized that jazz is not a big draw in this area and try to figure out what would possibly draw people to see my work.
As anyone knows who follows this blog, I have been working on a "Pairs on the Square" theme for the last five years. It seem to be a match made in heaven. First I had to determine what I had for mats and frames. The jazz series had consisted of five 12"x18" prints in 16"x20" frames and nine 8"x12" prints in 11"x14" frames. Then I also had eight mats for 8"x10" prints in 11"x14" frames. Since I was working on a budget (i.e., I wanted to use what mats and frames I had on hand), I needed to make my supplies work as best I could. In the end, I decided to use all five 16"x20" frames, eight 11"x14" frames for 8"x12" prints and two 11"x14" frames for 8"x10" prints.
Then I had to edit the images down to a series that would work and print them. While printing the selected images, I also determined how many I could fit on the 19-foot wall. Deciding on a final layout took several iterations. In the end, I determined I could hang 15 images using existing frames. The final layout is shown below.

Once I had determined my final edit and done all the necessary printing and matting, I needed to do the necessary self-promotion so drafted up a press release (I am, after all, a former newspaper shooter. I should know how to do that...). I sent the said press release to our local papers, the local college photography instructors and area high school instructors. Then I develop a flyer to take around to the businesses on the square that posts events in their windows. All of that has now been completed.
Today I did hear from an arts center employee that the press release had run in the local daily and she made a copy for me. As I always enjoyed seeing my byline when I was working for a small weekly, I got a little bit of a thrill to see the release (with a different headline and slightly reworded) on the front page of the paper's second section. Below the fold but still the front page.

On May 3, I will install the exhibition at the arts center. I am a little nervous about it but I pretty much have planned out the height to hang the images and the order on the wall. One more thing I plan on doing is to print out several hundred flyers to hand out this weekend. There is a arts event being held on the square that usually draws several thousand people so I am hoping that my exhibit will draw some interest.
Well, that pretty much end my "shameless self-promotion". If any of the followers of this blog are in Carrollton, GA, USA, next week please stop by (LOL!!). And it is not really much to get excited about. It is not like the arts center had approached me about doing a exhibit. I just have taken advantage of renting a space just to see what people think of what I have captured.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...

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