Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Knitting Club

Out on the square this morning and made my usual stop at the local coffee shop. I don't drink coffee but they have some great hot chocolate in the cooler temps and great smoothies in the warmer ones. Today, while sipping on my Tropical Passion smoothie, I had the local knitting club that meets here at least once a week. I know this because an assortment of the members are usually there when I make my weekly stop during my wife's writers' club meeting.
At first only a couple of members were at a table for two. A third member showed up a few minutes after I sat down at a nearby table. She began to set up a contraption that looked awfully strange and I initially had no idea what she was doing. Turns out she had bought some yarn she needed to make into a ball so it could easily allow her to do her knitting. As you see here, it was comprised of a device that held the yarn (she gave me the knitting term for the raw yarn but I did not have a notepad to write anything down) while another device (sitting on the table) would spin the yarn as it was pulled off. It really took very little time to make the ball and was fun to watch.

Since I want to also show the "final product", today's entry includes a second image of the finished ball.

As I was photographing, I found myself thinking about the old days and how I enjoyed meeting various people doing all kinds of activities and the stories they generated. I was fortunate to be in the newspaper business before the internet totally took over. It was a fun time. I was working 60-80 hours a week as the only staff photographer for the small weekly and, as I loved to tell people, "I got to go play everyday!"
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