Monday, October 2, 2017

Am I cheating?

Today's post brings up a question I keep having with my current gear. Am I cheating when I SEVERELY crop an image? I have read that Cartier-Bresson never cropped his images and I have seen vertical images that Elliot Erwitt has taken and cropped to make them horizontal. So am I cheating when I crop an image, sometimes quite severely?
I really do not have an answer. But I like about my current gear (a Fuji X100S with a TCL-X100 attached) is that the 16MP sensor will take even a severe cropping and still be suitable for enlargement up to 8"x12".
A full size RAW file from the X100S will open in Photoshop CS6 at 10.88"X16.32". I have cropped files down by 70-75% and printed them out on my Epson R2400 without any issues.
I really should not be surprised by this situation. At one time, I did a shoot for a local real estate developer using a pair of Nikon D2H bodies that has only a 4.2MP sensor. The advertising agency he used took one of the image, cropped the middle part of the image, and enlarged it to roughly 6 feet x 12 feet (I am approximating) and used it on a billboard. When I first saw the advertisement, I was amazed at the detail in the image!
I am still hoping I can adjust to the X100S/TCL setup to get images that do not need cropping. It just is going to take time.
Anyway, here is today's image that is a horizontal that I converted to a vertical to get the composition I saw when I snapped the photo. I took it while walking toward the ladies as they were waiting for a crossing light. I was not able to close the distance enough to get a vertical shot but I was able to crop the image to what you see here. I really did not like the surroundings and did not think they added much to the image so I cropped.

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...