Sunday, August 27, 2017


Another from my "FACES" book. The story behind this image is that my wife and I had recently relocated closer to our children. Since we were situated about halfway between the two families, we invited everyone to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.
I was letting one of my granddaughters play with one of my Nikon D2H bodies with a Nikkor 1,8/85mm on it. At one point, I decided to show her a little more about the camera's capabilities and turned on the high speed shutter. I then focused on my oldest granddaughter and hit the shutter. The D2H sounded like a machine gun as it fired off a short sequence. The image below was my granddaughter's reaction. As I went looking for a quote to use with the book, I found this one by Aristotle.

"The secret to humor is surprise." - Aristotle

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