Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Always connected

In today's world, I am continually amazed at how technology has afftected our everyday lives. These young ladies, dressed in their finery for "elegant night" on a recent cruise, were waiting to be seated for dinner one evening. Here we were several hundred miles at sea and, instead of talking with one another, all they could do was entertain themselves being connected with their devices.
For me, it was a perfect time to talk with my wife and people watch while waiting for our call to be seated for dinner.

I decided to post a second shot of this group from the same night and young ladies. As I sat watching, I decided an out of focus shot might be interesting.

Both images were shot with the Fuji X100s but shot at different exposure compensation settings. The first one was shot at a minus 2 exposure as I wanted to highlight the light from their devices. The second one was at a minus 1/3 which is my usual setting on the X100S.
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