Friday, May 5, 2017

A celebration of sorts

This image is a celebration of sorts for me. It is Cinco de Mayo celebration day which most people celebrate by drinking. For me, it marks the 22nd anniversary of the day I underwent triple bypass heart surgery. The photo posted here was taken just a couple of days before I checked in to the hospital for a coronary angiogram. (The angiogram showed several blockages which could not be corrected without open heart surgery.)
My wife and I were roaming around outside the hospital while waiting for a second series of tests and I found these boys chasing each other around a flagpole. It is a scan of a Kodachrome64 slide converted to b&w through Silver Efex. I don't remember what lens I was using but the camera was an Olympus OM-4T.

Doesn't really mean much but it is an image that I always associated with that event.
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Monday, May 1, 2017

"Sharpness is a bourgeois concept"

The above quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson probably applies very well to this image. I was on the square just looking for photos. Just anything that caught my eye. When looking into the intersection, I was trying to find a decent composition to include the truck in the lot and the car at the light. Then I noticed a man coming from my left and decided to try and get some motion in the shot. I quickly set the aperture to f8 which gave me a shutter speed of 1/50 second and brought the camera up quickly to my eye and hit the shutter. In looking at the image in the computer, I noticed it is not as sharp as the camera can produced. I believe it was because of camera shake because I did not have time to really set myself.
But even with the camera shake, I like the image. The blur of the man draws my eye more than the slight camera shake that makes the rest of the image a little soft.

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...