Sunday, April 2, 2017

Got lucky!!

Another possible for the "Pairs" theme that I am still working on for the town square. Got this one when roaming the square during a one-night arts festival at all the local shops and restaurants. Even had an opportunity to talk with a couple of photographers that were in the show. One was an older gentleman like myself who has his work done on glass. A little reflective for my tastes but still a good series of images from him. His day job is as a IT consultant.
The other photographer was a young man who had images from London and Paris and had even done a book on his Paris images. I liked his street work very much. As I thumbed through the book he had on display, I have the good fortune to meet the local newspaper photographer who has been on staff for a little over a year.
(This is the same newspaper I did a tryout for back in November 2015 just before this young lady was hired. I had already sold all my pro Nikon gear in favor of the lightweight Fuji X-System. All I had was a X100S for wide angle shots and a Fuji X-E1 with a Nikkor 1,8/85mm AFD lens. After shooting the game I was sent to (a high school football (that's American football), I told the publisher that I did not feel that my current gear would be a good match for professional newspaper work.)
I had not talked to any local photographers whose style/background matched up with mine in quite some time. It was fun to talk to the young man and the newspaper staffer whose styles more closely resemble my own.

About the image, my wife and I had been through several exhibits at this point (neither of the photographers as yet) when we approached an intersection. I thought I was paying more attention to the two women hoping they would look toward each other. When the lady on the left turned slightly, I hit the shutter. I was also fortunate to also capture the passing car almost perfectly. Sometimes I get lucky. This image was shot with the Fuji X100S, a camera I am still getting used to but enjoying more and more each time I take it out.
Oh, and on a side note, the car is a Dodge Neon very similar to one I used to own.
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