Friday, October 21, 2016

Checking out the looker!

Another from the recent scanning effort. Thought it would be a good addition to my "Pairs on the Square" project. Again, shot with the Yashica Electro35 GS on Tri-X film. I do wish I had more depth of field in the shot. I think that would have added to the overall image but, like most street work, it was a quick shot that I grabbed when it presented itself.
The film was developed in Adorama's b&w liquid developer (similar to Kodak D-76 development times). As much as I would like to use D-76, I cannot see mixing up a liter of D-76 when I can get this b&w developer in a small usable quantity. I was using HC-110 but Adorama and B&H will no longer ship HC-110 and it looks like they have also quit marking their own developer. Not sure what I will do in the future for developer. Maybe I will just use Dwayne's Photo in total when I run out. Besides, I really do not have the room to develop film comfortably in my current abode.

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