Saturday, August 6, 2016


As I rebuilt my website, I ran across images that have never been published but I have always remembered when I saw them. This image was taken almost 13 years ago at a local arts festival in Rosemary Beach, FL. At the time I was shooting for a local weekly newspaper as their sole contract photographer. I was using Kodak color film that the paper wanted in a Nikon F100. The lens here was probably a Tokina 80-200mm f2,8 Pro lens. The Tokina pro series lenses were a little cheaper than the Nikkors but the images, for my use, were very comparable to the Nikkors. The autofocus was not quite as fast but the F100 only did a max of five frames per second.
This young man caught my eye mostly because of the dark background that highlighted the bubbles. This is a tight crop of the full image but I started shooting as soon as I saw him. The tight crop is due to the concrete block construction that was on the left and upper part of the image which would have been very distracting.

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