Thursday, July 14, 2016


While out on the Square on Tuesday, I saw some young girls in the studio of a local portrait/wedding photographer, Aislinn Rain. I raised my camera (an X-E1 w/Nikkor 1,8/85mm) and fired off a shot. One of the girls saw me and they all looked out the window (when they were supposed to be listening to the photographer who was conducting a workshop). I raised my camera again and fired off a second shot. That is the image you see here. It was readily apparent to me that there was a least one SHOOTER in the group. Several of the girls at looking at each other. A couple are waving (obviously very outgoing personalities). But one brought her camera to her eye in response. I think this is something that was instinctive for this young lady. Who knows but maybe we are seeing the next star photojournalist in the making!

I did email this image to Aislinn as way of apologizing for interrupting her workshop. She liked the image and said she would be showing it to the kids the next day. I hope they enjoyed seeing themselves!
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