Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On the way to court

Ran across this gentleman, J. C. Powell, while I taking some snaps around Nassau, Bahamas. He was on his way to court trying to get some money back from a lawyer for some sort of business transaction. He stopped and spoke to us for a few minutes, told us some places to check out, gave me his email, and headed off to court.
Getting images of locals in a normal day's setting is what I enjoy doing. It is fun to have a chance to talk and relate with a local at places that I have been fortunate to visit in my life.I have always enjoy the documentary style of photography. For me, photography is about "found" moments.

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Monday, May 30, 2016


Today, in America, we honor our fallen military heroes. Last night, my wife and I did our usual watching the Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC, on the PBS channel. It was raining in Washington so the crowd was very small this year but the people that did show up paid tribute to the nation's fallen.
During my short tenure as a newspaper photographer in Florida, I covered several heartbreaking occasions where death was involved but had only one occasion to cover a returning soldier who died in Afghanistan. Sgt. Timothy Padgett was killed in action on May 8, 2007, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Padgett, an Army Ranger medic, returned home to be honored in his hometown of Defuniak Springs, FL.
I was the only photographer on hand at the Defuniak Springs airport as Sgt. Padgett arrived via helicopter from the local base. Not wanting to insert myself into the family's face for photos, I chose an 80-200mm zoom and a 300mm telephoto so I could capture the moment. Padgett's daughter in these images was just 8 years old and today is a beautiful young woman attending college. I also attended the graveside services and put together a 10-image page from the photographs I captured on those two days.
I hope today finds his family cherishing the memories of his life with them and the honor that is held in the hearts of all Americans.

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Friday, May 13, 2016


This is another from my outing this week in the town square and a possible entry into the "Pairs" series. I could see this one and the one posted before this working well on opposites pages in a book - two people either side having a similarity with a person in between. What makes me want to put these two together is they both have a third person in the image but one image has a person in the foreground while the other has a third in the background.
This is how I approach editing images that I plan on using in a book or exhibition. I like to have images that in some way complement each other.
Of course, sometimes, I am the only one that sees the reason why.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Another possible for my "Pairs on the Square" series. Yeah, I know there are three people there again but the similarity between the two girls makes it a possible.
For me to get a shot like this I had to shoot from the hip. My right knee stills keeps me from kneeling down to get to low levels so I have to resort to shooting from the hip. I guess I need to pay more attention to how level I am holding the camera but, with this shot, I am just glad I got focus and composition good enough to work with. I cropped the image a little to remove the right side that was empty so it would drive the viewer's eyes to the three people in the shot.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Have you lived TODAY?

This saying caught my eye on my walkabout in the downtown square. It is not one I have noticed before.
But it does ask a good question. I have been restricting myself to the X100S for the last few shooting excursions to get a better feel for it and its 35mm FOV. I wanted to get some shooting done this day with a short depth of field. With a maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second as a restriction of the leaf shutter in the lens, I made use of the 3-stop neutral density filter that is available on the X100S.
What this has done has gotten me to think a little more about my compositions. As I looked at the saying I asked myself what does this composition need? For me, the answer was simple. I needed someone in the field of view. Then I had to ask myself what I wanted in focus. I decided on a short depth of field (f2.0) knowing that with the short lens on the X100S that the background would have enough focus to give me the image I was hoping for. Then I waited.
And this is the image I was happy with.

Just a simple composition but with an easily recognizable person in the background to hopefully make the viewer wonder if the woman had lived today.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Out for a walk

Been trying to get a better handle on the X100S I have had for the past three years. I have had a constant battle to try and "see" with just a 35mm FOV available like in the X100S. Lately, I have restricted my shooting to just the X100S and been leaving the X-E1 and its couple of primes at home. I am still having trouble keeping myself from looking at a scene and not thinking of "if I just had an 2,8/80-200mm zoom."
But forcing myself outside that old comfort zone I am hoping to adjust to a different way of seeing photographically. I know I have mentioned this before but I shot with wide and tele zooms for 35 years before ditching the SLR/DSLR combos I used for both pleasure and work. Now in retirement, I want to try and see if I can challenge myself in my old age.
The image shown here is full frame from the X100S and might become part of my "Pairs on the Square" series which I am working on.

The reason this shot is on the challenge section of the series is because there are three people in the shot. But I do like the similarity between the two adults so for now it will stay.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another pair

This is the continuing saga of images on our town square of a pair of people going about a normal day. My wife had an appointment with a fellow writer to discuss some comments she had concerning his latest book. While the two of them were doing that, I went outside and just sat on a bench in the square to watch the happenings and hoped, just maybe, that I might see something to add to my "Pairs" series.
Having recently read a blog entry by David duChemin about patience (http://davidduchemin.com/2016/05/receptive-observant/), I decided to just sit and watch from one viewpoint instead of roaming around the square like usual. After sitting for about an hours grabbing a few shots (none of which made the final cut), I went for a walk.
About 30 minutes later, I was back to the same area of the square.
This time, however, there were three guys there replacing a light bulb in one of the lamps. When I first got there, two of the guys were holding the ladder that the third guy was on. I started taking some photos. One of the guys started talking about how many times they were being photographed as they made their way around the square checking the lamps. The comment was based on the number of security cameras that in place around the square and not about someone like me. I moved in a little closer and one of the guys stepped out of the frame leaving this "pair".
So, patience, in this case, did pay off.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Another image I am considering for my "Pairs on the Square" series. Even though I call it "Pairs" sometimes the images contain only one live person with the other "person" being a statue, painting, etc. Sometimes there are three people but only two seem connected through poses or some other interaction. And, occasionally, I will have four people in an image. The four-people images have happened seldom since I started the series three years ago but I am continuing to look. My hope with this series is to eventually have a local exhibit somewhere but I do not feel I have enough images so far to chose from.
So I will continue to search the local town square for possible additions to the series.

In the meantime, this one is just barely hanging on.
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Writing home

This is an image that has never been published that I took while working with a small weekly newspaper. The editor, for some reason after working with me for seven years, decided I needed to follow one of the staffers at a nearby sister daily. Most of the staff at the daily knew my work but, I suspect, did not have much respect for me since I was working for the weekly. The photo editor assigned me to trail behind their most junior photographer during his assignment day. Our first stop took us to a local air force base where some field exercises were being run.
At first, I just watched the staffer I was with hoping to learn something. What I noticed is he seemed more interested in stage images than what I usually took. He kept telling the exercise participants to "just don't mine me." I soon quite watching him and started shooting my own style which tended to be more of a fly on the wall.
I saw this shot as I moved through their bivouac command site. For me, It could have been taken anytime in the last 70 to 80 years. This airman, whose name I cannot remember, was writing a letter home just as any military man or woman would do before emails, texts, skype, or other electronic means would have done before the age of computers and the increase in technology.

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