Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bird feeding

Still taking it easy on my knee so thought I would post something from my travels to England. This is a shot of a boy feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square in London in 2003. Shortly after this I sold my film cameras for digital for the newspaper work I was doing. A couple of years earlier I had sold my Olympus gear in favor of Nikon for autofocus which I really needed. I bought a pair of Nikon F100 bodies with MB-15 drives and a bunch of Tokina pro series lenses. The lens used for this shot (and for most of my shooting on this trip) was a pedestrian Tokina 24-200mm superzoom. Not a real great lens but did fine for what I wanted - something that allowed me to go wide and long without having to carry multiple bodies and lenses. For film, I used Kodak Tri-X which I pushed to ISO1600 so I could shoot inside or outside. All the film from this trip was push-processed in D-76 1:1 mix.

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