Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finding one's photographic niche

When my wife bought me my first decent SLR in 1978, I was stricken by the bug. But I did not have a direction or purpose to my shooting. I tried following Rohn Engh's thoughts as outlined in his book, Sell & Resell Your Photos. That brought me close but not quite to what I wanted. As I study some of the great photographers of the time, I found that I really was drawn to photojournalism and a desire to be a newspaper photographer.
But I wanted to make money at this venture as well so I thought portraiture was the way to go. The one thing I found as I tried to gain more knowledge and techniques was that to really get great photos I had to have a close connection with the subject.
For me, that really only occurred with family especially my wife. I have recently, as noted in the previous post, been going through old negatives finding images of my wife for a book I am putting together for the family after we are gone. I had a point in time that I hoped to do some boudoir or glamour photography but, like I said, I really need a connection with the subject so I gave up that idea.
But I continued to take photos of my wife both clothed and unclothed through the years. This one was taken in 1981 as I tried to get proficient with strobes and umbrellas. This was taken with an Olympus OM-10 and Zuiko 1,8/50mm lens paired up with a Vivitar 283 strobe off to the right. I hung a white sheet behind her to reflect some light onto her to but mainly wanted a silhouette.

I did eventually find my niche and was a freelance newspaper shooter for 10 years late in life before the newspaper industry was hammered by the internet and the global recession in 2008.
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