Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hey, Mr. Picture Man!

On Wednesday, my wife went to her writers' group meeting in the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center. Per usual, I took the opportunity to go roaming around the CAC and Adamson Square. I had gone through the exhibitions that are currently on display in the CAC and was heading for the door to go to the square when I heard, "Hey, Mr. Picture Man, take my picture!"
This time of the year the CAC does a number of artistic workshops for kids that involve a number of art disciplines. The hollerer (is this a word?) was a preteen in the impact art workshop. I think the only reason the kids noticed me was because I was carrying two cameras, my X100S and my X-E1 with a Nikkor 85mm.
As I took a few photographs of the kids, I did not notice the local newspaper's photographer/IT manager Rickey Stilley had walked in. (At first I did not recognize him having met him only once.) We both ended up taking a number of photographs of the kids and their workshop leader, Greg Lyle. I got a few shots of Stilley as he worked (still need to send these images to him). I gave my card out to the kids I had photographed and told them to tell their parents and I would send them a copy of the photograph. This is something I have always done even back when I was a working news shooter.

Kid photos always make for great filler art but this is one of the few times where I let kids act out in front of the camera. I usually preferred to watch and wait for the right thing to happen. But, in those days, I was usually working with wide angle and telephoto zooms that let me grab an image without the kids knowing at the time. This shot was great fun and I love the different expressions. The girl on the right with her puckered lips to the girl in the middle just smiling to the girl on the left who really seemed to hit a pose and an expression that makes me wonder what she is thinking.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...

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