Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Milestone

I hit a milestone this week but not a photographic milestone. On May 5, I hit the 20th anniversary of my triple bypass heart surgery. It was my first major surgery in my life at the age of 47. To say it was scary saying "see ya later" to my wife is putting it mildly.
But I have survived these last 20 years including spending a decade as a fulltime news photographer. I usually carried around two camera bodies, one with a telephoto zoom and one with a wide angle zoom, along with a couple of primes in my vest pockets and film, batteries and digital storage cards. There were also times I lugged around a 300mm f2.8 for sports and festival shooting.
These days I am down to a pair of Fuji X-System cameras and my dad's old Yashica Electro35 GS film rangefinder. I still try to get out and shoot and always carry one of the cameras with me. I have 14 rolls of film on my desk that need developing and scanning. I have put together several books of images that I used as Christmas presents to my children and am working on other themes.
But, all that aside, I wake up each morning with an silent "thank you" that I get one more day to be alive. Like everyone else, I do not know how much time I have left but I hope to make it time well spent.
The photograph I have here was shot in the summer of 1995 after the surgery and I had gotten back on my feet. A business associate was working on a 1996 Atlanta Olympics Spanish book and asked if I could provide some images he wanted of the Atlanta area for visitors. This image was shot with an Olympus OM-4T and Tokina 80-200m f2.8 zoom looking west toward the golden dome of the Georgia State Capitol on Martin Luther King Jr Drive SE.

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...

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