Monday, April 13, 2015


24 years ago, we lost our oldest son in a single car accident in the early morning hours. The two images here are from a family camping trip to California's Montano de Oro state park in 1983. I was able to capture our son next to the water with a nice streaming effect from the waterfall in the background.

Image #2 was taken at the same time of the entire family. As one can plainly see, we were having a good time. I had set the camera on a tripod, focused, turned on the selftimer and jumped across the water in time to plop down in front. After the shot, people who had been watching us applauded our shenanigans.

I was informed by John Wolf's blog ( that April is National Poetry month in America. With that thought, here is a poem our son wrote two months before his death as he tried to make sense of his life. It is the thoughts of a young man as he struggles to make decisions about his future.


Things were just starting to make sense,
Then everything gets twisted.
Confused, frustrated, and in love,
I furiously punch the wall.

I pull my hand back and there's no pain,
At least no pain on the outside.
I realize I have accomplished nothing,
So I punch the wall again and again,
Wishing for something I can't have.

To be a kid again would be fantastic,
Everything so simple,
Knowing everything, knowing nothing,
Not caring what tomorrow is,
Now I don't want today to end.

I try to forget, ignore the facts.
But there's nothing on TV, so I think,
And I cannot forget.
Decisions I have to make, but can't,
Or don't want to, have to be made.

February 6, 1991
R. Scott Owen

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