Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Since I am no longer shooting for pay, I am trying to go through all the images shot over the years. I decided to pull images that have stuck in my head. Today's image is from my days as a contract photographer for a small Florida Panhandle weekly that I was associated with for 10 years. At the time this shot was made I was still shooting film using a pair of Nikon F100 bodies. The home team was down close to scoring when a fumble occurred. I was focused in the backfield and picked up on an opposing player chasing the football. As the ball bounced away from him, he started running toward it and the referee come into view. The focus was already tracking the player and I instinctively hit the shutter button. I ran off three frames but this was the first one in the series. My mind saw the image before I realized it was there and I just reacted. This is an image I have remembered over the years and it should be easy to see why.

The repeated poses between the player and the ref are a matter of "right time, right place". This is one image that I will put into a folder to see if it makes my top 100 images of my photographic life that I plan on putting together in a book to leave after my time is done.
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