Monday, December 15, 2014

Continuing down memory lane

Pulled out one of my earliest negative sheets (I even still have the contact sheet - one of the first ones I ever printed!) to do some scanning. The image is simple but I still like it. My family was on vacation at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, around 1980. I had my kids down at the motel pool and took this shot of another mother and her daughter. I don't remember the lens but the camera was an Olympus OM-10, the first SLR I ever owned. This was shot on Tri-X and developed in a 1:1 solution of D-76.

 The timing is not bad and the composition is ok but it is just a simple shot of life. The kind of stuff I have tried to capture since getting a "real" camera. Things seem to have gotten crazy these days with all the conflicts, both foreign and domestic, that I kinda yearn for a return to simpler times. My kids were not much older than this little girl (mine were 7, 8, and 11) and still like their mom and dad.
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