Sunday, December 14, 2014

A new direction

I am going down a different path starting this past week. I deleted my flickr account as it has become too much of a distraction. I was spending way too much time looking at everyone else's postings and not enough time spent concentrating on my own work.
I know no one really follows my blog entries and that is ok. It is an outlet for me that I am hoping will put me back on the right track, i.e., one that gets me concentrating on my own photography rather than anyone else's. I have 10 rolls of Tri-X that need developing that I have been procrastinating on for about a year. So I am making a goal to decide on a new developer (can no longer buy HC-110 through B&H or Adorama) and order this week.
Wit that in mind, here is an image that was taken back around the turn of the century at a car show in a mall in Fort Walton Beach, FL.
I believe it was shot with a Olympus OM-4T and Tokina 28-70mm f2.6-2.8 zoom. Great camera and great lens (even though the lens was a heavy beast) on Tri-X, developed in D-76 1:1.
I love the look of film. It looks more real than a lot of the digital stuff that is available these days. And, as I look at the stuff I shot on film, I find my compositions look better than a lot of the digital stuff. Right now I am shooting with an old Yashica Electro35 GS that belonged to my dad. It is making want to get a rangefinder that has a higher top shutter speed (the top speed of the GS is 1/500 second). I find the Zeiss Ikon ZM and Contax G2 (both with a top manual speed of 1/4000 (although the G2 can sometimes go to 1/6000 on auto)) to be something worth looking into. (I had a G2 but never understood how its autofocus worked. The Fuji equipment uses the same AF system and I think I finally have a handle on what I was doing wrong with the G2. I thought it would focus like my SLR/DLSR cameras.) It would mean selling all the Fuji digital gear but that might not be a bad thing. Only time will tell what I decide on.

I plan on spending some time reviewing old images back as far the late 1970's when my wife gave me my first SLR and lens.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting...

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