Saturday, September 13, 2014

Discovered a little about myself

Well, the "tryout" for the Times-Georgian staff photog position went well. The capabilities of the Fuji X-System and my skills as a sports shooter shooting manually combined to catch enough images for a decent selection for the sports editor.
But there was something missing. The joy I used to get shooting high school sports was not there. Maybe it was the size of the school (Class 5A school vs. the Class A schools when I was working in Florida) or just being in a new area where I was not known, the spark just did not seem to be there.
I did come away with a few decent images that I sent in to the sports editor to meet the 11 PM deadline. I used a Fuji X100S for wide shots of some of the student fans and the Fuji X-E1 with a Nikkor 1,8/85mm for the on-field action. While my hit rate was not very high, I did well enough with manual focus to get the job done. Here is my favorite as the visiting team's quarterback tried to score going over the top. He did not make it as time expired in the first half. But the visitors did continued their unbeaten streak with a 33-23 victory.

Shot handheld, manual focus, metered with a Sekonic L-358 lightmeter, ISO at 6400. Cleaned up with Nik Dfine and converted with Silver Efex Pro 2. While I got the job done (IMO), the main thing I learned is that my Nikons and lenses ranging from 18mm to 450mm FF would have made for a much higher keeper rate. That fact and the fact that I just did not have the enjoyment that I once felt doing this kind of work have made me realize that, at my age, doing something like this full time is not something I should be doing. My desire to do something beyond a single photo is gnawing at me. I had several opportunities during my time at the Walton Sun to cover an event and do a full page spread or even a double truck spread. I want to be able to spend time covering something and not feel pressed with deadlines or someone else's thoughts as to how it needs to be photographed. Just want to give some people their "15 minutes of fame", work on a couple of books from almost 40 years of shooting. You know, just enjoy my photography again doing my own thing. Maybe even do an online news magazine geared on the local residents and area I now live in. Nothing serious (there is enough bad stuff being pushed) but something to give a little hope to people and maybe put a smile on their faces.
So, with these thoughts in mind, I have prepared an email to the managing editor to remove my name from consideration. But it was nice to see that I could still do it if the spark was there.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting....

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