Friday, September 19, 2014


Just wanted to congratulate the Scottish people on their amazing voter turnout for independence - over 84% according to what I heard. No matter whether you voted "Yes" or "No", this is an amazing testament to the Scots of today. I wish that we could get that kind of turnout here in the States.
In recognition of the effort put forth by all of Scotland, here is a photo tribute to you from the first time I took my wife to your lovely country in 2003. All of the images are from Tri-X which was shot at ISO1600 so I could shoot indoors, outdoors, and in low light. Some of these images I have posted before but they mean something to me when I think of Scotland and Edinburgh.

 Cashier at the Elephant House restaurant.

 Local Edinburgh residents on the way home after work.

Flower vendor at Waverly Station.

A bus traveling down Princes Street. In the bottom left, is Bauermeister Booksellers, Scotland's last independent general bookstore. Sadly, after 110 years of operation, the bookstore closed its doors in 2004.

An Edinburgh resident waiting for his bus.
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