Saturday, May 24, 2014

To website or not website

I am currently working on my website adding some updates that were part of the original site but I have not finished. To get some ideas/inspiration, I spent some time looking at other photographers' websites trying to determine how I wanted to lay out the new pages.
As a result of visiting other sites, I found a few photojournalists no longer have a website but are using social media to promote themselves. I mean, why pay for an web hosting service when there are so many free social sites to operate from? Everything from flickr to Twitter to Pinterest as well as facebook (and the list goes on) is available for free.
As someone who once made his living from photography but got forced out when the recession hit, I am now questioning why I should pay for a website. Since it is doubtful I will ever make any more money from editorial assignments and I am not interested in doing portraits or weddings, why pay for something that is getting very little, if any, traffic?
The only thing that has me wanting to have a website is it is a place I can post any photo essays that I produced. I still enjoy going to some local happening, shooting to document it, and developing a series of images that tell the story.
There are not many things that are more enjoyable than producing something like a photo essay about a local event, business, or other happening.
So I was wondering what other photographers' thoughts were on the matter especially ones that are in my current situation and not really looking to make a career of it. Do you have a website? Have you recently gotten rid of your website? Do you use social media? Does anyone depend solely on social media?
These are just of the few questions that are running through my head as I work on the website and, with renewal fees coming due soon, whether or not I will continue to pay for web hosting.

For those wondering, my site is very simple. I used a very old version of Adobe PageMill to create it and still use it today.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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