Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love is in the air!

When I finally decided it was time for a change in photo gear (due to my age and job situation) in 2013, I spent close to six months looking at various options. I had decided that I wanted to go a slightly different route than what I had needed to do when shooting for publication in newspapers. That meant the end of fast zoom lenses and high frames per second cameras. I decided I wanted to restrict myself to light weight bodies and fast prime lenses like the documentary shooters of the 20th Century.
But I wondered if I could do that. After using zoom lenses for so long (over 30 years), could I make the transition to rangefinder-style cameras with just a few prime lenses?
I thought about keeping one of my Nikon D2H bodies that had taken care of business since 2003. Ten years later, the pair of D2H's were just plugging along. Other than a little brassing, the cameras just kept performing. But they were definitely showing their age against the new cameras with high ISO capabilities. I started restricting my shooting to using a 35mm DX lens and a 85mm lens (128mm in full frame). I enjoyed the capabilities of these two lenses but found myself wanting something a little wider.
As I continued to research mirrorless gear, I decided on a Fuji X100S fixed lens camera. The X100S has a APS-C size sensor with a 2,0/23mm lens which equates to a 35mm in full frame.
Then I started looking through my archives to see if I ever shot at a 35mm field of view. I was pleasantly surprised as I found a number of images from trips to the United Kingdom that were very close to 35mm field of view.
This is one of those images. It was taken in Trafalgar Square in December 2004 with a Nikon D2H with a Tokina 24-200mm superzoom. The lens is not extremely good but it did a decent job here at 24mm and f4.5.

What is nice is I could have easily gotten this shot with the X100S. Now if I can just start "seeing" more often at this field of view..... 
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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