Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well, uh....yeah.....I guess

The title of this post is probably a little confusing. Which is exactly what I thought this young lady was feeling.
Picture this: you are 18 or 19 years old and away from home for the first time in your adult life. One of your professors is also an accomplished and published poet who is having a book signing and reading at the local used bookstore. You arrive and get in line to not only get a book signed but it is a free book of the professor's latest work.
You get to the front of the line and he addresses you by name as he begins signing your copy. Suddenly you are flustered by this attention from your esteemed professor.
Instead of looking directly at him as he talks, you look down, playing with the closest thing you have to keep your hands busy.
That is the feeling I get from this shot. The young lady is playing with something off her keys and averting her gaze as she answers a comment from the professor. I could almost feel the bashfulness  in her as she tried to conversed with the professor.
And, IMO, with her arm stretched out, it adds a sense of geometry to the image that in a previous image is missing.

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