Sunday, March 16, 2014

Speaker's Corner

I sometimes wonder about all the images I have stored on my external drives, CDs, etc. I sometimes consider dumping a lot of images but then I hit an image that makes me glad I have not erased files.
This is one such image. Taken in November 2004 near the Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, it is not an image I thought much of when I did my initial edit of the images from that trip. But now I look at it with renewed interest and find it fascinating.
I love how each person in the image seems to be in their own little world, each one looking in a different direction. From their proximity to each other, I almost think they are together but their different postures could indicate each one is alone.

I am not sure why I kept this image but I am glad it still is around and not dump to the digital hinterlands and overwritten with another file. This is an image that, today, keeps me looking trying to absorb all the details.
Moral: don't be too quick to hit the delete button. Let the image sit for a while (a day, week, month, or, as in this case, a decade) and you may discover something about that image that makes you glad you hit the shutter button.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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