Saturday, March 29, 2014


Starting to get excited about the upcoming Seabreeze Jazz Festival. I covered the first festival in Seaside, FL, in 1999 and have missed only two. The last one I missed was 2013 when I relocated from Florida to Georgia and was unable to make it down for this smooth jazz festival. But 2014 is the "Sweet Sixteen" festival and a perfect addition to the retrospective I am working on showing images from 1999 through 2014. Some of the old crowd (both artists and fans) will be there. The festival was listed as one of the top events in April to attend in the Chicago Tribune!
This shot is from the 2012 event of Trombone Shorty blowin' on his trumpet. He reminds me of the great Louis Armstrong with his cheeks!!

I will be posting images from the past festivals for the next few weeks as I gear up (both figuratively and literally) for this year's event. Trombone Shorty will be there with Orleans Avenue, closing the first night of the four days of music.
But, for me, this year's event will be much different than in the past. In previous years, I shot the vent with SLR/dSLR gear and with lenses ranging from 18mm to 450mm in length. This year I will be shooting with a pair of Fuji mirrorless cameras - an X100S fixed lens (focal length of 35mm) and a X-E1 with a Fuji 1,4/35mm (52mm in full frame) and a Nikkor 1,8/85mm (127mm in full frame). So it will be much different than in years past. But I am looking forward to it.
When I shot another jazz festival back in 2000, another photographer was there that used Leica rangefinders. I did not see what lenses he was using but I imagine he had focal lengths close to what I will be using. And, since I will be using a Nikkor on the X-E1, I will need to use the focus peaking option of the cameras since autofocus will not work.
Additionally, I plan on also carrying (and using) an Yashica Electro35 GS rangefinder with a fixed focal length of 45mm and max aperture of 1.7 with Tri-X film. For the X100S, I have the option of using the 3-stop ND filter that is part of the firmware of that camera. For the X-E1 and GS cameras, I have 3-stop ND filters that I will add to the lenses for daytime shooting to have the capability of shooting wide open.
It should be a challenging but exciting time for me as I continue the transition from dSLR to mirrorless!
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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