Saturday, February 22, 2014


I read a blog entry today that brought on this reply. The other entry spoke why do people keep photographs they seldom look at much less print. I have to say I agree with what the entry was driving at. Since retiring from professional work, I have been going through old images that I have kept. This one I took while on a trip to England.
Technically, it is poor. A slow shutter speed handheld and a long focal length tends to bring on shake and I suspect that is what happened here. But I just have not been able to erase the image from my external storage drives. There is just something about the elements that are included in the image from the woman sitting and reading to the coffee cup with no owner to the painting on the wall. The image for all its technical flaws still works for me.
For me, it is the type of image the great Henri Cartier-Besson was speaking of when he said "sharpness is a bourgeois concept." No amount of manipulation in the excellent software available today will make this image sharp.
But I still cannot throw it away. It is the content of the image that holds my attention.....

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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