Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sometimes I get lucky

For 14 years, I was fortunate to have media access to the Seabreeze Jazz Festival while living in the Florida Panhandle. The first festival was held in the resort community of Seaside and drew several hundred smooth jazz enthusiasts. The organizers, Mark and Renee Carter of Seabreeze 106.3 FM radio, saw they would need a larger venue if the festival was to have any chance of sustaining itself.
The venue changed to several different spots along the resort communities of the Gulf of Mexico before the latest location at Aaron Bessant Park located next to the Pier Park shopping complex in Panama City Beach. It has grown from the several hundred festival goers to over 8,000 each day of the now five-day smooth jazz festival that has evening cruises and after-hours parties throughout the weekend.
During a recent review of images taken over the years, I find several that stick out in my mind for one reason - connection with the performers.This connection happened only a few times during the 14 years and the artists would play to the camera that was held in front of my face.
One such image is this one of Cindy Bradley at the 2011 festival. She had walked out to the end of the stage and was making her way back when she stopped right in front of me.

I fired off 8-12 shots but this is the one that really works for me.
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