Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Since giving up on getting another staff job in the news industry and deciding to change from my Nikon DSLR gear to Fuji mirrorless gear, I have been a somewhat unhappy camper. The first Fuji I purchased was the X100S which is a fixed lens camera with a 2,0/23mm lens. In full frame terms, it is approximately 35mm which many people use for shooting documentary or street images.
Since getting the camera, I have struggled to be satisfied with the 35mm field of view. There have been occasional images that have come close but, prior to today, only one really worked! But, on a walkabout today while my wife was at her writers' club meeting, I caught one with this little beast that I am pleased with. I had wandered from the town's downtown square down to the courthouse. There is a barbershop that I have been meaning to check on. Today, there was a sign I had not noticed before sitting out on the sidewalk. I took one shot with my other Fuji, the X-E1, but it did not sing to me so I went to the X100S for its wider FOV.
As I looked through the viewfinder with my right eye, my left eye caught a gentleman crossing the street outside the frame. I waited until he had crossed, hoping he would turn toward me around the sign. Luckily, he did. As he turned, he tried to not get in the image not realizing what my FOV was. I took the shot and nodded to him as he came toward me.
He stopped to say he tried to stay out of my way but I told him that he made the image!
I showed him the shot on the LCD, gave him my card with a promise to send him a copy, and we parted ways.
After struggling with this camera, this chance meeting gives me hope that I can regain my enthusiasm and passion with these little cameras. It is not much but it is a start!!

One other note about this image: I had been concentrating on the light more today than I have been doing. I was watching the shadow play and hoping for an image that could make the shadows work. This one comes close I think.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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