Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just back!

Just got back from a cruise to the Western Caribbean on Carnival Legend out of Tampa, FL. Now the cold weather in Georgia is giving me a cold! Here is a shot of the ship as we approached Sunshine Skyway Bridge and moved into open water. The ship's engine exhaust funnel passes within 10-15 feet of the span. I have a shot of the funnel as it passed under the span but I was at the base of the funnel and you really cannot tell how close it is to the bridge.

Gear: Fuji X100S

This was on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico, at the Nachi Cocum resort.
Gear: Fuji X-E1, XF 1,4/35mm

Here is something I do not understand - the need of today's society to be constantly connected. I remember the days of old (and it really has NOT been that long ago) when you took a vacation and were disconnected. All you thought about was relaxing and enjoying life. I guess I have just gotten old and out of touch!!!

Gear: Fuji X-E1, Nikkor 1,8/85mm AF-D

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  1. I love the beach shot. Three simple elements: beach, sea and sky, plus of course the lone figure enjoying it all.

    The picture of the two texters is a great comment on today's age of "constantly connected". It would be funny if they were texting each other!

    1. One of the last jazz festivals I attended before relocating I got some pix of teens who were helping out at the festival. They were all sitting around next to each other without a word being spoken - they were texting each other! To me, it is a sad commentary on humanity when technology replaces human interaction. For me, there is just something about having an actual conversation face to face over texting. Even being able to talk on the phone is better than texting. But texting is easier and is less confrontational.....

  2. Richard - I know what you mean. Perhaps it's a sign of our age :(

    1. While it has been almost FOUR years since you posted, I am finally catching up. And, yes, definitely a sign of my age. I will be 70 tomorrow. With my long term health issues, I did not think this would ever happen!