Monday, December 2, 2013

Joyce Cooling in concert

I spent 14 years covering the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in the northwest Florida Panahandle. The festival started in Seaside and shifted to several different sites before landing at its most recent location, Panama City Beach.
With 14 years and, literally thousands of images in both analog and digital, I am working on a photo book to showcase the festival. I spent over a year trying to find just the right look to the images that would seem to really shout "JAZZ"!
Just simply converting to black and white (my preferred look) and using various colored filters just did not seem to make the images pop. So, I started trying several presets in Nik's Silver Efex Pro 2 to try and see if anything caught my attention. When I tried preset number 037, things seem to click for me. This preset gives the look of a pinhole camera with all the grain and vignetting that goes along with it.
Here is an image of guitarist Joyce Cooling from the 2008 festival. She has been to the festival on several occasions and is one of my favorite performers.
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