Thursday, December 5, 2013

For every high, there is a low

One of the things about shooting for a small town weekly newspaper is you have to cover everything. From the simple check signings (boring) to championship ball games (highs) to death on the highways (lows).
Being on the coast, during the summer months when the tourists flocked in, the chance for rip tides varied but when they happened, they seem to happen over and over. I picked up the call for a water rescue on a radio scanner and was close enough to get there about the same time the rescuers showed up.
On the up side, jet skis had recently been donated to the department for this particular use. On the down side, I do not think this gentleman made it. He was brought in unconscious and airlifted to the local hospital. This was one of several rescue attempts that were made this particular day.

During the decade I spent shooting for the newspaper, I had to go through a number of lows from car accidents to water rescues to forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. But I would do it all again given the opportunity.
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