Monday, November 4, 2013


I have been reading online here lately that to have a successful (and the term is relative) blog that one needs to cater to the needs of his readers. This is needed in order to get one's page views up into the stratosphere. That way you can hit up advertisers and, when the unwary use them, you get a cut from the advertiser.
Well, I don't have many readers or followers and I am really doing this to have some fun and take a look at some old photos.
For me, it is all about the images.
Today's image is from 2002. I had gotten media access to the Florida Jazz Festival in Seaside, FL. It was a one-day affair with the closing headliner none other than Al Jarreau.
But this image is not of the artists.
I have always enjoyed watching other photographers work. I did some assisting for fashion photographer Michael Belk after the turn of the century. Besides learning loads from Michael, I enjoyed watching him work. The ease with which got people to relax and go with the flow was nothing short of amazing.
In this image at the jazz festival, I met a German photographer who was making his way across the USA shooting at various venues. His name escapes me and I do not remember where he was heading next but I envied him his gear.
In between sets, we talked while the technicians set up the sound for Jarreau. We admired each other's equipment and talked about different films that we used. The usual photographers' talk.
Watching the ease with which he worked the event, it was obvious that he knew his equipment quite well. He had a pair of Leica M6 bodies, one with a 35mm and the other with a 90mm.
Well, that is about it. Here is the image.

He was working in the media pit while I was onstage. I loved the way he worked the stage but also took advantage of the crowd's antics as Jarreau rocked the house.
For me, I was using a pair of Nikon F100 bodies with a 80-200mm on one and a 18-35mm on the other with Tri-X film in both bodies.
I really enjoyed working for a newspaper and having the access that it allowed. Working on and backstage at events was always very enjoyable. On occasion, an artist would ask for a specific shot which I was more that glad to do. Being willing to do those sorts of requests always brought a reciprocal with the artists allowing me to really do my job. A win-win situation all the way around.

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....


  1. Richard, if all that gear the photographer here is loaded up with is typical of what you carried around, I can understand why you have swapped out for lighter equipment!

  2. When shooting high school sports, I would carry two Nikon D2H bodies. One would be attached to a Tokina 2,8/300mm on a monopod and the other would have a Tokina 4,0/12-24mm attached. In my photo vest would be a Nikkor 1,8/35mm and a Nikkor 1,8/85mm AF-D. Sometimes I would also have my SB-800 flash as well. Then there was the requisite spare battery, spare CF cards, and my Sekonic light meter. Quite often I used that same setup (sans the flash - I never use flash at performances out of respect for the artists/performers) at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival that I covered for 14 years.
    I had been looking at the new Nikon Df DSLR (just announced today) with maybe a 2,0/35mm, 1,4/50mm & 1,8/85mm. But after seeing it on the Nikon site, I am sticking with the Fuji gear (X100S & X-E1 w/35mm). I was hoping for a fullframe DSLR the size of my old Olympus OM-4T that I still miss. But the Df just does not fit the bill for me. Great specs on the Df but just not the camera for me especially with a price point of $2800USD.