Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Incomparable Bo Diddely

After missing posting yesterday, I thought I would toss up two images today.
Still rummaging through the archives, I ran across some images from 2002 when R&B guitarist Bo Diddely was in town for a concert. My next door neighbor's girlfriend, a local bartender, told me that Diddely was planning on showing up at her bar the night before the event. The band preceeding Diddely the next day was showcasing at the bar.
The first image is one I captured of dance instructor Anna Blank (yep, same one from the ballet photos) with Diddely at the club after he arrived. Right after taking the shot, he looked up and saw me. With a crook of his finger, he motioned me closer to find out who I was.
Fortunately, Anna took care of the introductions and he became at ease. But my heart had jumped to my throat thinking I had somehow upset him.
The image is horrible. The focus is off. Because of the darkness of the venue, it was difficult for my Nikon F100 to lock on so I had tried to manually focus. Plus I was shooting Tri-X pushed two stops to ISO1600 so the image just did not scan well. But it is still one of my favorite images.

The second image was taken the same night when Diddely went up to jam with the band. To give you an idea of what the venue was like, this image was shot with a Tokina 2,6-2,8/28-70mm lens on my camera. I was kneeling on the floor right in front of the stage and, even shooting at 28mm, I could not get everything in. And there was no way to move back as the bar was packed to overflowing.
If the fire marshal had shown up, he probably would have shut everything down.
Take a close look at the body of the guitar. While not the best angle, you can still make out it is the square guitar he became known for.
It really was a crazy night.

One more thing about this entire event. The next day a freak windstorm came through the area just before Diddely was due to perform wiping out the stage area. His set was cancelled as a result. So the only photos of the great Bo Diddely performing were the ones I took the night before...
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