Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The First Position

Several posts back (http://tinyurl.com/lpk7ljj), I did a post about a dance instructor, Anna Blank. The image in that post was taken when Anna was just starting her studio since relocating to Florida. That image only showed the feet of a student at Anna's temporary studio at a local elementary school.
This shot is at Anna's newly opened studio in a strip mall. Today, 11years later, Anna is still going strong. Here she is showing a young student the proper way to set her feet for position one.
I always enjoyed going to Anna's studio and taking photographs of her working with the various age groups doing ballet, tap, and other dance moves. Part of the fun was sending the images to the parents and having the parents gushing over images that ran in the paper.
That, for me, was the real fun of working for a little weekly newspaper. Seeing the joy in eyes of people of all ages after they had seen their photo in the paper. Somehow, it made their day and the look in their eyes made mine.
Here is "Position One".

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