Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kids raising the American flag

In working for a newspaper, even a little weekly, I was privileged to be allowed into local schools. Some of my most memorable images (to me they are memorable) were taken at schools. From elementary school kids up through young adults at the local colleges, I was able to catch them at their best and worst.
Today's image is of a couple of fifth graders at an elementary school as they raised the American flag one morning. I had been at the school for another assignment and was on my way out to my car when the boy and girl came out the doors behind me.
I walked on past the flag pole and turned back to see if there was an image there. I got several images as they unfolded the flag making sure that it did not touch the ground. Then the boy held the flag as his female compatriot turned to the flag pole to attach the flag. He spotted me hence the shot you see today.

I probably should have shifted slightly left to get all of the flag but I also wanted the sign that was amongst the flowers planted at the bottom of the flag pole.
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