Monday, November 25, 2013

Dying breed

Back in 1972, my wife and I went car shopping. We ended up with a street machine, a 1972 baby blue Plymouth Duster 340. It was the car of a young man's dream - dynoed at 325hp, three-speed on the floor with a front bench seat, plenty of trunk space, and lots of get-up-and-go. Did a fair amount of street racing with it and won some and lost some.
But the best street race I was not involved in.
In 1976, my wife was working at a nursing home in Newsport News, VA. The administrator of the facility owned a 1970's Corvette that he thought was hot. I had challenged him to a race but he turned me down. Then he made the mistake of taking on my wife one day as she left work. She promptly cleaned his clock with the Duster and, when she got home, she was glowing and told me what had happened. Her boss never said a word about it to her or to me. Even today when she tells the story, she smiles.
We owned that car for 15 years before a company transfer forced the sale of the car. I still miss my "BabyBlu" today.
Sadly, the Plymouth marque no longer exists as DaimlerChrysler Corporation dropped the brand. According to my information, the very last Plymouth, a silver Neon, rolled off the line at the DaimlerChrysler assembly plant in Belvedere, IL, in June 2001.
The car shown here I saw at a local car show this summer (the Plymouth badge brought memories of my Duster). At this time, I was just starting to try and figure out my new Fuji X100S and took this shot. One of the nice things about the X100S is it has a 3-stop neutral density filter integrated into the electronics. On my X-E1, I had to buy a 3-stop ND filter for the 35mm and 85mm lenses that I use with it so I can shoot wide open in daylight.

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