Saturday, November 23, 2013

Can I handle a single focal length, part 3

Part 3 and I am still using images from the 2004 trip to the United Kingdom. One of the reasons I am studying these types of images from a single focal length is, in part, to try and convince myself that it is ok to not have a zoom and really focus on the image again after so many years of shooting enough images to fill the paper.
Today's image, again shot with a zoom but only at the widest focal length, is from the last part of our trip. We were in London and heading to the Portobello Market. Again, this image shows what can be done with a single focal length. Image #1 took in a whole street view without a particular subject . Image #2 tried to drive the eye to a particular part of the image with both perspective and depth of field.
In image #3, I wanted to try and capture a little of the feel of the Market.

This image is similar to image #2 in its view but does not try to totally absorb the viewer's eye with the signs. Here I was able to capture one of the vendors and a few interested buyers but with enough depth of field to add some context to it.
Next, could I find an image that had a single person dominating the frame. Tune in tomorrow to find out in the final installment of "Can I handle a single focal length".

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....


  1. Richard I love this picture. It really captures the atmosphere and feel of the market. It is instantly recognisable as a London market.

    1. Thanks, David. It is nice to hear someone from "across the pond" say that. My wife and I love visiting all the markets from the large ones like Portobello and Camden to the neighborhood markets that provided produce, flowers, etc. I picked up a wool sweater at a market in Moreton-in-Marsh that I still have and wear today. Just an absolute shooter's paradise!!!