Monday, November 18, 2013

Aspiring model

This image has quite a story with it.
I was covering the Fourh of July Parade for the Walton Sun in 2003. It was a miserable day on the Fourth. It was rainy and chilly but the crowd showed up anyway to celebrate Independence Day.
I had walked the entire parade route (roughly two miles) and was in Seaside looking through the crowd. I spotted a young boy on the ground wrapped in a bright orange towel and grabbed a shot.
Naturally, I found his parents, got the info for a cutline, and moved on.
The next day, a beautiful beach day, I was roaming the beach looking for filler art for that week's edition. I happened on the boy's parents and learned that the boy's sister, who was 11 or 12 years old, was extremely upset that he was going to be in the paper. She had aspirations of doing some modeling and wanted some exposure I guess.
Anyway, her dad pointed her out to me and asked if I would do him a favor and take some pictures of her. I said "of course".
I made sure she saw me as I started to photograph her in the water. She made like she did not noticed me as I grabbed a few images and then asked her where her parents were so I could get their permission. She had no clue that her dad was already well aware of what was going on.
I walked back over, spent a few minutes acting like I was getting info (which I already had) and moved on down the beach.
I sent him several images of both his son and daughter including the ones that were published. I saw them several times over the next few years at the parade as they owned a vacation home in the area and came back for the holiday every year.
The last time I saw them was 2011 (of course at the parade) and the two kids were now young adults. He was the typical young, strapping lad while she had become a beautiful young lady who was doing some modeling.
It was things like this that made my job as a small town newspaper photojournalist so enjoyable. The people I met that not only lived and raised their children in the community but also the people that visited each year with regularity to the same events. Tourists and residents alike became my extended family.

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