Friday, November 8, 2013

14 years of Seabreeze Jazz

For the last year I have been looking through images from 14 years of covering the Seabreeze Jazz Festival. The festival was first held in 1999 in Seaside, FL, with a few hundred people attending. In 2012, the last time I was able to attend, the festival, now relocated to Frank Brown Park amphitheater in Panama City Beach, FL, drew approximately 8,000 jazz enthusiasts each of the four days of the event.
I had been looking at the images trying to do an initial edit in hopes of producing a tabletop book. But I had not been able to get the images to produce a look that said "Seabreeze Jazz".
Until recently.
While working to put together a gallery on my website of the 2012 festival, I started playing with Nik's Silver Efex Pro 2. First I just did my usual looking at various filters, adding contrast, etc., but nothing really popped the images off the screen.
Then I began looking at various presets. At the very end of the available presets was one called "037 Pinhole". I thought, "why not?"
After doing the initial preset, I began to modify it using the contrast and shadow sliders, various filters, etc., to see if it would bring back the feeling of "being there".
For me, it seems to work.
I have a new gallery on my website with all of the images now manipulated using the preset modified differently to meet the needs of each image. Maybe, just maybe, it will get me to actually do the book.
The image I chose for this post is of Rick Braun who was part of the closing set the first night of the 2012 festival along with Richard Elliott. I love the grittiness of the image and how the pinhole effect produces extra contrast, heavy vignetting, and a grainy texture that just seems to work for jazz.

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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