Thursday, October 24, 2013

Still trying

Since dumping all my DSLR bodies and zoom lenses and shifting to mirrorless with fixed lenses, I have almost no images that I consider are "keepers". Part of it has to do with there are no extremes in focal lengths like I used for 35 years. And even as I go through my archives, I find very few images that are worth printing or even putting online.
I seem to continue to have problems seeing at the focal lengths that are now available to me. When I did some shooting for a local non-profit with these new toys, I was able to focus in and get some images worth keeping for their use. But when shooting for myself, I seem to be lost these days and unable to see at these, more or less, focal lengths of 35 and 50mm. I don't know if I am trying too hard or if I just have lost the spark.
I will continue to try and find what can get me going again. I still need to give myself an assignment with a goal to publish online somewhere. Not sure if it will be a part of this blog or another website but I do feel a need to show photographs somewhere. Oh, well, gotta keep trying.
Even a new area did not spark much in the way of keepers. But I am going to show another image from our recent trip  to Florida anyway. Looking for a place to have dinner the first night, we found a locals hangout called the Tap Room. It was quiet on that Sunday night which gave us a chance to check out the place. We went back our final night in town to relax and enjoy some snacks and drinks. While we were having our drinks and snacks, a guy came in, sat down at the center high bar, and, after ordering a beer, starting messing around with his smartphone.

In the dimly-lit bar, his phone really lit up his features. This type of behavior is pretty much the norm these days in America. People sit across from each other and, rather than conversing face to face, they start messing around on their phones.
This image was shot with the X-E1 and 35mm, wide open at f1.4, and ISO800.
As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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