Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stars & Stripes forever!

I ran across this image as I was continuing to search for images to use in the blog while I get more familiar with my new cameras. Not sure what it is about this image that catches my eye (LOL!!). I got this shot as I was covering the annual Fourth of July parade. The parade covered about two miles from the start in Seagrove Beach to the finish in Seaside. As usual, I walked the entire route carrying two camera bodies, one with an f2.8 telephoto zoom and the other with a f2.8 wideangle zoom, and a couple of prime lenses in my photo vest. This was when I was young enough to do that stuff. I enjoyed walking the parade route as I got the opportunity to get shots of people dressed up for the holiday and spend time talking with them getting info for cutlines.
I don't remember these young ladies' names but they really caught my eye! The one on the left had white stars on a blue field bottoms with red stripes on a white field top. The long-haired one on the right had red stripes on a white field bottom and white stars on a blue field top. I had other images of the two but this one of them sitting on a bench is really my favorite mainly because of the extra dimension added by the bench components.

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