Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kids #3

The final installment of "kids do the darndest things" (at least until I find more in my archives!).
This shot was captured at a high school football game (American football). This particular night was Homecoming. There is a court with a boy and girl from each grade (and usually several from the senior class) that have been elected by their peers. Out of the senior class representatives, the boy and girl with the most votes are selected as King and Queen.
In this shot, the game has not yet started and the Homecoming Court is sitting along the sidelines. I had focused on the young man on his cellphone but, as I hit the shutter, the young lady on his right blew a bubble with her gum.
Here she was beautifully dressed, looking elegant, blowing a bubble! And, to top it off, she was selected Homecoming Queen (the boy was the King).
I had photos of her being crowned Homecoming Queen but guess which one I selected for the paper!

As always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....


  1. Excellent capture! Such perfect timing!

  2. Thanks, David! Have you been out with the Zenith lately for some film shooting?

  3. As I wrote on your Facebook page, I wonder when this girl was getting all dressed up for homecoming and hoping to be noticed, that she expected this would be the result?

  4. Richard, I have not been out with the Zenith again yet - however I am travelling to London for an evening event in a couple of weeks and I am planning to go earlier in the day with Zenith in hand!

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