Monday, October 7, 2013

In the operating room

I am trying to post often on the blog just because!
Today's image is from an assignment I did for the newspaper I used to work for. It was over a decade ago and shortly after my wife became a journalist with the paper. She also got the assignment so we were able to work together.
The assignment was to check out a new spinal surgery practice in the area. She set up a meet with them and prepped the setting by asking them to consider letting us use an upcoming surgery candidate. We meet with the surgeon and patient prior to the surgery and were allowed to be in the operating room during the surgery. We had to wear the surgical robes and masks but, other than that, were allowed total freedom in the operating room
This image ran three columns wide on the front page of the paper. Several other images ran as well and my website ( has a photo essay in the galleries section.
Since it was minimally invasive surgery, there was really no blood to make people queasy. The patient is awake for the entire procedure and the surgeon spoke with her throughout the procedure. In this shot, he has already administered a local anthestic and is tapping in the first of several dilating tubes. I also have a shot of all the tubes but I like this one because of the rim lighting on the hammer.

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