Monday, September 16, 2013

What "Life on the Banks" is all about

Here are a couple of images that, IMO, really show what I think this blog is about. I posted image #2 to my flickr stream some time back but ran across image #1 when looking for an image to possibly submit to an online contest.
Image #1 was captured on the American Thanksgiving Day in November 2000. I had found a group of families that closed off their street, set up tables, and joined together to celebrate the day with each other with turkey and all the fixings. My wife, a reporter with the local newspaper, and I joined them to cover their celebration. With three generations of just about every family, there were a number of young children around. I caught these kids blowing bubbles and this one little girl kept trying to bite the bubbles! It was hilarious! I was still shooting film at the time and this was with my all-time favorite, Kodak Tri-X.

The second image is not that old being captured on 23 September 2011. I had recently picked up a 1,8/85mm lens and was looking to see if I could lighten the weight of my equipment as I was approaching retirement. I knew I could not keep carrying the heavy f2,8 zooms and I really had no opportunities that were opening up for me photographically. Where I had done business with a number of local resorts during the boom times and had eventually been hired as a staff photographer for a local newspaper, the 2007 recession killed most of those possible money-making ventures. Not being someone who enjoyed doing senior portraits or weddings as a mainstay, I was looking to try something else to enjoy my photography and, hopefully, make a little money at it to supplement my retirement income. So I had picked up a couple of new prime lenses and was trying them out. I was roaming around a local resort area when the skies opened up. As the rain came down, I took shelter under a store's awning. As I looked around, I spotted people coming up from the beach. Many were hustling, if not running, to get out of the rain. Strange, I thought, these folks were just down at the Gulf of Mexico enjoying the water and suddenly a little warm rain shower sends them scattering like bugs. Then I saw this pair. A mother carrying her daughter just walking along enjoying the rain. Both were smiling and laughing at the folks that were running. They, on the other hand, were definitely in no rush. This is an image that really gives credence to the title of this blog. Just a couple of ordinary people enjoying "Life on the Banks" in their lives!

And, as always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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