Saturday, September 28, 2013

Oh, well......

Was going to post a trip down memory lane (for me anyways!) but decided just to post a shot from lunch yesterday at a new place (to us). Still learning how to handle the new equipment. "Seeing" is the biggest change. No zooming like before from a stationary position. It is interesting but also frustrating!!

And, as always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....


  1. Nice shot - I like the shallow Depth of Field. How do you manage DOF on the Fuji? I guess there's no DOF preview button like you get on a DSLR? Do you just have to shoot and then preview it on the LCD screen and change aperture and then shoot again if it's not right?

  2. Actually, on the X-E1, you can do a half-press on the shutter and get an idea of the DOF. One of the reasons I went with the X-E1 was because of the EVF. When I was initially looking for a system to replace my DSLRs, I was torn between the E1 and the X-Pro1. But I was lured to the "dark side" by the X100S with it hybrid viewfinder (like the X-Pro) and the adjustable viewfinder diopter. After a couple of months with the X100S, I found I preferred the EVF over the optical for several reasons. So I bought a mint condition X-E1 with the 1,4/35mm.
    When you look through the EVF on either camera, you are initially seeing the image with the lens wide open. Since the manipulation of the AF point is not as quick or easy as my Nikons, I have a habit of keeping the AF point in the center, pre-focus, and re-compose the image. That is what works best for me. Do I miss some images? Sure but, with time, I hope to improve. I am also working more with manual focus since the latest firmware update added focus peaking to the X-E1. It is not implemented as well on the E1 as on the X100S but, again with time, I should get more used to it and develop a shooting style that works quickly and efficiently. I just have to give myself a little time. These cameras are replacing cameras that I had owned and used for 10 years!