Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Showing

Thought I would have some fun with today's entry. It pretty much defines my way of seeing and shooting. I am not usually someone who "creates" an image but rather I seek images. Since I am no longer working for a newspaper, I am now returning to my original roots. This is probably how most of us started out in this venture whether as a hobby or as a way of making money. For me, I did both. Started with images of my family as most of us do and got caught up in the passion of documenting life around us. Some of us went down other paths to a more controlled shooting style doing portraits & weddings or into the commercial world. Others, like myself, just enjoyed finding images, looking for the right view of the image, and taking the shot.
This image was shot last year while my wife was in a hair salon getting a trim. As usual, I was just roaming around the shopping area known as Pier Park in Panama City Beach. I spotted this guy with a great Harley-Davidson shop t-shirt from Milwaukee sitting on a wall. Underneath him were tiles that (for a charge of course) kids could paint however they wanted. In the background was a line of V-Twins (it was Thunder Beach if I remember correctly) and I thought the shot worked.
In looking at it today for the first time since going through my edit of the shots from that day, I had a title pop to mind that I think really finished the image. We always think of plumbers (no offense, plumbers) and what is showing as they gyrate under a sink to fix a leak but it can happen to anyone.
So here is "Just Showing" and I am not talking about motorcycles!!

Hope this brightens your day and makes you chuckle. Just remember, this could be you!!!

And, as always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....


  1. Rich, I'm so tempted to make some wise'crack' about this one.... ;-D

  2. I caught that wise'crack' at my photo club meeting last night as I used this image as part of my 'show&tell' presentation. Just like here, it brought out a lot of chuckles.

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