Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It is all about the images

Editor's note: Had some problems with the initial entry so this is a re-post.

At the start of attempting this blog, I made mention that it is all about the images. So. let me look for an image I like and post. (Actually, I decided to expand on this and posted four images)
The first image is a shot I took on an 8-day Carnival cruise. My wife and I had an aft-facing cabin and were standing out on our balcony as the ship backed into its berthing position in Colon, Panama. We were right next to one of the aft-wrap cabins (the deck wraps along the back and around on the side of the ship-this is my dream cabin). After docking, the woman in the cabin came out to do some stretching using the deck railing. Behind her was the city of Colon and I thought it mad a good shot of the "haves and have-nots" theme. Especially when the cruise director told people that they should not wander the streets of downtown Colon. It was just too dangerous.

The second shot was on another Carnival cruise. We were on our way back to the port in St. Lucia when I spotted these clothes hanging in the rain. It reminded me of my childhood when we did not have a dryer. The only way to get the clothes dry was to hang them outside. This was something my siblings and I had to do on occasion when directed by our mom.

Both compositions are simple and hopefully lead the viewer to come up with their own interpretation of the image.
Since the first two images are from my archives, I thought I would also add a couple of new ones from the Fuji X-System cameras that have replaced my Nikon DSLRs. My current stable of gear includes a fixed lens X100S with a 2,0/23mm (35mm in full frame) and an X-E1 with a 1,4/35mm (52mm in full frame). The following two images were shot in near darkness backstage during the dress rehearsal of a theater production being sponsored as a fundraiser by a local non-profit. Both were shot using the autofocus capabilities of the cameras at ISO3200. Some minor noise reduction in Nik Dfine cleaned up the images easily and I had no problem getting the autofocus to lock on.
From the X100S:

From the X-E1:

I am starting to enjoy the change in how I view the world with only a couple of short focal length prime lenses. It is a work in progress but my "shooting eye" is slowing coming around, don't ya think?
And, as always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....


  1. As you know, I've always admired your photographic eye, Uncle. I still do, I never knew you lost it when switching cameras/lenses. :) I just noticed you had this blog, it's now in my bookmarks. I absolutely love the shot of the clothes hanging in the rain, but I love those types of shots.

    1. It brought memories of my childhood a long, long, long, long time ago....

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  2. Richard, I loved reading your comments about the first two shots from your archive, they both tell a story through your own words. In contrast, the two recent shots that you haven't written much about (except for the camera details) are so atmospheric they invite the viewer to create their own story and use imagination (in particular, I am dying to know what the lady is doing with her mobile phone, oblivious to the performance on stage!).

    Great pictures - I always enjoying reading your blog.

    1. I never got close enough to her to really have a chance to look at her screen. But she really was paying zero attention at the time. But her time on stage came late and this was shot during one of the early scenes.
      I am enjoying writing the blog. Most of the time it seems to make no sense to me as I am trying to put words down. My wife, a former newspaper journalist and now aspiring novelist, is the "word engineer" in the family. When she writes it draws such amazing pictures in my mind's eye! I am trying to get involved in doing a blog as she is constantly writing....