Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Failure to communicate

This past Friday I tagged along with my wife to her writers' club open mike night in Adamson Square. I took along both the X-E1 with the 1,4/35mm and the X100S but should have left one or the other in the car (I address this later in this post.).
What I want to discuss here is my failure to really develop a street photo opportunity that presented itself to me.
After roaming around and not really "seeing" something to take a shot of, I was over listening the the writers' club participants. I was watching a guy with his dog talking on his cell when a gentleman entered my field of view dragging along a vacuum cleaner.
As he reached the center of the frame, I pushed the shutter and got both men in the shot. I took several more shots but nothing really seemed to say "I got it!"
I began thinking about this opportunity while lying in bed awake around 3 AM. I really did not explore the opportunity which was presented to me.
I did not move to a different location to get a better angle. I did not do ANYTHING!
As I tried to think it through this morning, I began to realize that, for the first time in a long time, I was "seeing" something but then I did not try to develop it.
But that is not the only thing I discovered from the Friday night adventure.
As someone who was use to carrying two cameras, I have started carrying the X-E1 and X100S because I thought I "needed" to have different focal lengths. Back in my newspaper days, that was a necessity! And, when I am shooting for a client, I need to have that capability available.
But, in most cases today, I am shooting for a different purpose. No longer do I need to have a feature shot available for Saturday's front page. What I am noticing now is that having two cameras with different focal lengths is actually a hindrance to my shooting "eye."
I had gotten used to having just one camera and one lens. For me, it is both challenging and exhilarating. I have discovered what many already know. The 1C1L can be a way to go.
Rather than needing to have everything and the kitchen sink, I find that minimizing my gear is actually maximizing my keepers.
Now, for the shoot I am doing tonight of the theater production by a local non-profit, I will still need both bodies and my complement of lenses (which now is only TWO!).
But, for most of the work (actually, it is all play!) I want to accomplish, one or the other will do.
Here is the one shot that I got of the two men previously mentioned. This is the only one that seems to have enough in the frame to maybe get people to study the image and come to their own conclusions.

And, as always, make a comment!! Let me know what you think! Until next time, keep on shooting.....

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